A Single-Case Examination of Token Reinforcement and Self-Evaluation in a Self-Contained Classroom


    Shiri Ayvazo , Avner Fraidlin , Ronit Kankazil – Maimon





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Ayvazo, S., Fraidlin , A., & Kankazil – Maimon , R. (2022). A Single-Case Examination of Token Reinforcement and Self-Evaluation in a Self-Contained Classroom. International Journal of Special Education, 37(1), 50–61. https://doi.org/10.52291/ijse.2022.37.26


Students with disruptive, impulse-control, and conduct disorders exhibit persistent problem behaviors that interfere with learning and instruction. Support interventions for these students should match their specific needs, such as learning to direct their behavior in the school setting. In this pilot study, we compared the efficacy of two universal teacher practices on a self-contained fifth-grade classroom student’s Active Student Responding (ASR) and generalized on-task behavior. Token reinforcement, which was teacher-managed and commonly used in the classroom, and self-evaluation (SE), which was student-managed and novel for the teacher and the student. Interventions were evaluated during language arts lessons using a single-case Alternating Treatments Design. Findings demonstrated that the student’s ASR comparatively improved under both interventions and ontask behavior mildly increased. The moderately positive impact of the two practices on ASR is discussed with emphasis on the appropriateness of SE for participants with emotional-behavioral disorders.


token reinforcement, self-evaluation , universal teacher practices, active student response, emotional-behavioral disorder

Author Biographies

Shiri Ayvazo, Kinneret Academic College

Shiri Ayvazo is a senior lecturer at Kinneret Academic College and David Yellin Academic College and also the director of the Applied Behavior Analysis Certification Program at David Yellin Academic College. Her research expertise is in behavioral interventions in school settings for children with behavioral disorders.  

Avner Fraidlin , Western Michigan University

Avner Fraidlin is a doctoral student at the Behavior Analysis program at Western Michigan University

Ronit Kankazil – Maimon , Matya Holon-Azur

Ronit Kankazil-Maimon is a special educator and a behavior analyst at Matya Holon-Azur, Israel.  


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IJSE Vol 37, No: 1, 2022

Volume 37, Number: 1, Year 2022 of International Journal of Special Education