A Model of Developmental Support for Children after TTTS – Case Study


    Leszek Ploch





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Ploch, L. (2021). A Model of Developmental Support for Children after TTTS – Case Study. International Journal of Special Education, 35(1), 67–77. https://doi.org/10.52291/ijse.2020.35.7


This paper describes a model of developmental support of a nine-year-old girl, born as a twin in the 27th week of pregnancy, with significant perinatal history. Prenatal examination diagnosed Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). Due to premature birth and numerous developmental dysfunctions resulting from it, the girl required the assistance of complex specialist care. However, in the first four years of the child’s life, the strategy of developmental support was drastically neglected. The basic aim of the study was to present the author’s individual model of support, designed especially for the four-year-old girl together with recommendations of conduct for therapists and the child’s parents. The model was developed on the basis of a multi-profile diagnosis, which allowed proposing an individual strategy for intensive developmental support for children after TTTS. Developmental support activities in the proposed model were performed for 58 months, and after this period diagnosis revealed significant changes in the level of functioning of the child regarding ways of responding to communication with the environment. The study confirmed the efficiency of an individual model of developmental support, indicating its beneficial results.


prematurity; TTTS; Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome; multiple disability; multiple pregnancy; interpersonal communication


IJSE Vol 35, No: 1, 2020

Volume 35, Number: 1, Year 2020 of International Journal of Special Education